Steven Donald

software engineer

Software Engineer with 3 years' experience creating, maintaining, testing and evaluating software systems and applications with a new found passion for web development in Ruby on Rails. Ability to make good technical decisions. Committed to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge and highly values any opportunity to learn more and grow as a person and engineer.

My skills


Software Engineer

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

During my time at General Dynamics Mission Systems, I have had many great opportunities to work on some awesome and intriguing projects. From weapon control systems, to databases for guidance, to trade studies for 'next big things'.

  • Wrote highly maintainable, solid code in C++
  • Full Stack Development (Java, Tomcat, Spring MVC, Hibernate with SQL database)
  • Practiced agile methodologies - sprints, daily scrums, story points
  • Automated testing on various systems and languages (integration, regression and unit testing)
  • Worked effectively with cross-functional design teams to create software solutions to satisfy customers needs
  • Maintained and updated an internal wiki and guides to assist development for poorly documented software or projects
  • Interesting projects for Navy; Weapon Control Systems
  • Able to work with engineers of different skill levels and expertise
  • Able to work independently and remotely
  • Performed Trade Studies for various levels of software/system architecture
  • Experience with heavily document procedures and designs, making sure that quality and change control standards are met

iOS Developer

Independent, Remote

The beginning of my professional career is very unique to say the least. Forced to withdraw from College at the age of 21 due to a sudden cancer diagnosis, I had no other option then to get my foot in the door, programming for myself. Taught myself how to develop iPhone and iPad applications in xcode, in a very crappy VM environment while going through chemotherapy, a company I formally referred to as Cosignsoft.

  • Full cycle development of applications in C#
  • Outsourced or delegated work to freelancers, mostly graphic design.
  • Marketing and finding ways to monetize features in the booming mobile application market
  • Provided continued maintenance and development of bug fixes and patch sets for existing mobile applications, especially to keep up with rapid releases of iOS and newer iPhones.
  • Tracked application sales data and extensive crash analytics over multiple applications and devices.
  • Developed and monetized various projects including but not limited to casino, adventure and role playing games
  • Implemented various new and upcoming iOS features such as social media integration and various game development and IDE upgrades that Apple improved upon over time reducing need of third party libraries
  • Opportunity for professional development
  • Diverse code and professional environment exposure



  • 05.08.2008Berkshire Community College

    Computer Science
  • 16.06.2012Berkshire Community College

    57 Credits